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The Step by Step Guide

to Granite Countertops!

Step 1

Draw your kitchen, bath, or bar top: Don’t worry about being exact or drawing to scale. Just draw your existing counters and measure in inches the length of your counters. Indicate which edges are open and which edges meet an appliance, cabinet or wall. Indicate where the appliances and sink are located in the kitchen as well as any appliance garages that are on the counter. Indicate which areas will need a backsplash. The purpose of this drawing is to determine how much granite your project will require. Since every stone is unique, knowing the quantity will help guide the process of stone selection.


Hand deliver your sketch to our showroom & slab gallery or fax to 724-482-1769 or email your sketch to


Step 2 - Selection

Choose your slabs!

We offer a wide variety of slabs in our indoor slab gallery.  Most people have no trouble falling in love with the hundreds of slabs in over 60 different colors that are available in our slab gallery. Slab Gallery Photo


If you still need more selection, we have suppliers in Pittsburgh that will ship the slabs you select to our facility.  In the order of preference, listed below is the information for each.

a. Dente Trading – 201 Ann Street, Oakmont, PA 15139 (412)-828-1772

b. Pittsburgh Granite – 3812 William Flynn Hwy, Alison Park, PA (412)-837-2642

c. Mont Granite – 302 West Steuben Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15202 (412)-921-6740


If you find something at one of our suppliers, Tag it. Tagging stone only means that the supplier agrees not to sell that stone to someone else for 10days. You are not obligated to buy that stone, and no deposit is required. Just leave your contactinformation and make sure they know Custom Marble & Granite is the fabricator. Once you tag yourstone, contact our office at 724-482-0144.


Step 3 - Price

We will discuss create an estimate for the cost for the your project including possible upgrades, for each color you request. Every stone is a different price, even the same color from different suppliers will create a different pricing. Once a price is agreed upon, contracts will be signed and a deposit will be left to secure the slabs. If you choose slabs from one of our supplier’s warehouses, your slabs will be delivered to us to hold until you are ready for your template.


Step 4Decisions:

Your sink, faucet and appliances must be decided and ready for template. In our showroom we have stianless steel sinks, faucets and other options to choose from.  These need to be finalized for the template.


Step 5  - Template

We will come out and make a digital template of your kitchen. We will build an exact outline of
your counters using precise laser measurements. We will also discuss any special custom features you may like to add to your project, such as radius on the corners, edge profiles, faucet placement and any other personal preference. If the actual square footage differs from the preliminary drawing you supplied, the price may go up or down accordingly.  We will also advise you of supports needed.



Step 6 - Layout

The template will be placed on your stone.  If your stone has significant movement (or color variation) you may meet with us in the shop to view the layout of the templates on thestone. If your stone does not contain much movement or if the stone is a consistent pattern this step maynot apply.  We offer for free one hour of consultation with your templates and slabs.  Each additional hour is $75.00 




Step 7 - Fabrication

This is out of your hands... We begin fabrication!


Need a picture of slab inspection


Your slabs will go to our bridge saw for cutting.












Then to our CNC Digital router for shaping, edging and polishing.











When the CNC is finished, the slabs will go to the finish tables for inspection and a final hand buff.



Step 8

Installation! Enough said!

Sam creating a digital template.
Sam using our Leica Laser Template Machine
Sam creating a digital template in the customer's home
Sam creating a digital template using 
our state of the aert laser machine
A customer viewing their granite slabs and placing their vinyl templates on the granite slabs, capturing their favorite parts for their kitchen.


Bridge Saw Cutting Miter
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