Which Materials Are Best For Countertop Refinishing

If you are planning to remodel your home and are looking for ways to cut costs, countertop refinishing may be something that you could be considering. However, not all materials are suitable candidates for this procedure. Fortunately, many are, and refinishing will save you a significant amount of money over the cost of having new countertops installed. If you are planning to get new counters installed, opt for one of the materials that allow for refinishing, in case, have to do this later.

Beautiful Wood

If you had stunning wood counters that have seen better days, you could easily have these refinished. The process is similar to having your hardwood flooring refinished. The surface gets sanded down, repairs made, it is stained and then sealed. Your wood counter will look brand new.

Elegant Marble

If you are lucky enough to have marble counters, you made a great choice. Marble is beautiful, it's always in style, and it can get refinished.

  • Special pads sand your marble counter, which helps get out scratches and imperfections.

  • Next, they get professionally buffed.

  • Once they are looking new again, a shiny finish is applied.

  • Finally, they get sealed.

Your scratched or stained counters will look as good as the day they got installed, once the process is complete.

Change the Look of Your Tile Countertops

Cleaning, sanding, and using tile paint can completely transform the look of your tiled countertop. While it sounds much simpler than it is, having a professional do the job, makes it much easier for you. It involves a lot of clean, plenty of dust from the sanding, and quite a bit of painting, as you will be priming before you begin the topcoat. However, it is well worth it when you see the outcome. You will be amazed by how different your counter looks.

There are plenty of ways to cut costs when you remodel your home. Refinishing your counters is just one of them. Please do not let a small budget keep from enjoying the look of your home. Utilize services such as refinishing, over replacing whenever you can. It is always less expensive, and it gives you stunning results. You will love walking into your kitchen and seeing your like-new countertops. You'll also like saving all of that money that you would have spent on having new counters installed in your kitchen or bath.

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