What Are The Best Materials for a Bathroom Remodel?

Choosing materials for a bathroom remodel a bit different from choosing materials for the rest of your home. The bathroom requires extra consideration because you will need materials that are waterproof or, at the very least, water-resistant. While you do have to concern yourself with water when you remodel a kitchen, it's to a lesser extent. The following are some of the best materials for your bathroom.

Countertops for the Busy Bathroom

Bathrooms are a hub of activity in the morning as everyone is getting ready. You want to choose countertop materials that can stand up to the busy bathroom.

  • Granite countertops are an excellent option for the bathroom. They can withstand the water that may land on them. They are easy to clean. Granite is a beautiful material. If you have granite in the kitchen, you can use the same color throughout your home.

  • Marble countertops are another excellent option. Marble is stunning. It gives the bathroom a luxurious look. Marble never goes out of style, so you will never have to worry about it looking outdated. It is resistant to heat, making it a fantastic choice for the bathroom, where heat styling tools get used.

Flooring to Handle Water

Porcelain tile is a popular choice for the bathroom. This material is not bothered by water. It is easy to clean and care for, and it can also be an inexpensive option, depending on the tile that you choose. While vinyl flooring is another option, it doesn't last as long as tile does. Floor tile is also a better look for the bathroom. While you are having the bathroom remodeled, consider doing yourself a favor and having radiant heating installed. You will love walking into the bathroom and feeling heated flooring. It is an excellent choice for tile because tile will not contract or expand as it warms and cools.

Not that you know some excellent materials to use during your bathroom remodel, it's time to get started. You will be adding value to your home by updating your bathroom. You'll also be creating a space that is beautiful and functional. When you use materials such as granite, marble, and porcelain tile, you will not have to worry about your bathroom looking old and outdated. These materials are always in style. If you choose neutral colors, your bathroom will look fresh and beautiful for years to come.

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