Marble is just a rock

Marble is just a rock millions upon millions of year old. In Italy they chop it out of a mountain, carve, shape it and make it a counter top, stair tread, fireplace surround, shower wall or anything else they need.

Only in America do we fear this rock. When people talk about a countertop, they love the look of #marble but are afraid to use in their #kitchen. They tend to buy the man made intimation called engineered stone or quartz. #Marble is the countertop of choice all over Europe and some of the installed #countertops have been in place for centuries.

Only in America do we want a rock to be pretty and shiny just because. Marble has calcium in its mineral make up therefore by design it is water soluble. What this means to a home owner is that the shine won't last forever because with every wipe of the dishcloth you remove one microscopic layer of stone taking a little shine with you too. In Europe the countertops don't shine and show a bit of #patina after centuries of use. They are nice flat #honed finish. Having a #honed marble means that any etching from acidic products on the surface will be camouflaged in the stone.

If you want marble, get #marble!

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