How to Design a Kitchen and Bathroom around Marble

Marble is a gorgeous material. It has a luxurious look and feel. It's stunning wherever it's used. Many homeowners are rediscovering marble and how amazing a kitchen or bathroom that features marble can be. In addition to looking wonderful, marble is also durable and makes a superior choice for kitchen countertops. Marble naturally stays cool, which makes it the perfect choice for home cooks who make cookies and roll out dough. You'll love how easy it is to roll dough on marble.

Cabinets should complement, not compete

When you use marble, you want kitchen cabinets that complement the marble. Avoid anything that will compete with it.

  • Marble creates a bright and airy look.

  • Use white cabinets. They will go well with the marble.

  • A soft white or antique white works well.

  • If you need some color in the cabinets, use a dark, neutral color like gray or even black. The light marble will stand out against these colors.

A gorgeous backsplash brings it all together

You can have a marble backsplash in your kitchen without worrying about it matching too well. Marble counters along with a marble backsplash may make you wonder if the two will just blend into one another, rather than create interest. Put that thought out of your mind when you use marble subway tiles for the backsplash. Another idea is to use a herringbone pattern for the backsplash.


Marble bathroom tiles will give your bathroom a high-end look. The bathroom is the perfect place for marble. It's head resistant so your marble countertop can stand up to your heat styling tools. It's easy to clean. The bathroom is generally one of the smaller rooms in the house, so bathroom tiling is not as time consuming as tiling some other rooms. Best all off, it looks gorgeous. You'll love the way your marble bathroom looks once it's done.

Marble is one of those materials that you can't go wrong with. It always looks just right, and never goes out of style. Marble has been in use for a very long time, but it never makes a home look dated. You can count on marble to remain popular far into the future. Marble's classic good looks and exceptional qualities lend themselves well to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Use this material in both your kitchen and the bathrooms for a wonderful cohesive look.

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