How do you get the best seam on a granite or marble counter top?

To get the best seam for your projects, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a fabricator who has a good reputation, a skilled professional staff and who listens carefully to your wishes and ideas for your project. A fabricator that doesn't "hear" what your likes and dislikes are, is not the right fabricator for you.

  2. The fabricator you choose is also one that will include you in the layout and design of the kitchen. The way the stone is used in your kitchen is either the perfect finishing touch or the kiss of death for the project.

  3. You want to be able to take the templates from your project and place them on the slabs. You can to include your favorite parts of the stone and exclude any parts that you are not a fan of.

  4. The placement of the templates is especially important to get the proper seam line up or match up. I insist my clients be a part of the process. Some of my clients tell me to do it, because I am the professional. I am the professional but the decision of which is the best part to use is very personal and there is no right or wrong answer. To make sure your countertops are all you dreamed they would be, make sure you put your seal of approval on the layout and use of the slabs.

  5. There are two kinds of seams, natural and matched. A natural seam, is a seam in a piece that was once together as a whole. The seam is put in for the integrity of the stone. A matched seam is two pieces that were not naturally together and are put together for the reason of extending length, the fabricator (and you) look for the most pleasant line up of color and flow to join the two pieces together.

  6. Buy your granite or marble by the slab and not the square foot

  7. We find that most seams are most discretely placed around a corner. The eye naturally looks at corners for seams so by going around the corner hides the seam.

  8. Use a fabricator who is using the best and most current tools & technology to find the best seam line up.

  9. Be prepared to have some waste of the stone to get the right seam line up. Let go of the notion for an efficient use of the stone.

Kitchen template layout.

Seams in a granite countertop.

Seams in a granite countertop.


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