Why you should not buy granite or marble by the square foot.

Granite is a natural stone that is a conglomerate of different minerals that are collected together by the forces of nature, they are not systematically laid out in an even and balanced pattern or concentration.

The natural stone will have a higher concentration of some minerals in one place while a sparse amount in another. This random pattern, even found within a consistent looking stone is different in EVERY slab. Even though it is our best advice to make sure the slabs you buy are consecutive in the block it does not mean they will be the same, however they will be the closest two stones can be.

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Buying granite by the square foot forces the fabricator or the business selling you the stone to cut the stone in such a way as to get the highest possible yield from the slab. This affects you as the end user because all though this may save a nominal amount money, it will not produce the best end product.

Buying granite by the slab may cost a few hundred dollars more in the end but the results will exponentially more pleasing to you as the home owner.

The black granite sample is very pretty, but do you think that the sample above will give you a full representation of how this granite will look in your kitchen?

This is a picture of the entire slab of our Golden Supreme Leather. The above illustration clearly shows a black granite with caramel small spider veining while the whole slab is mostly caramel and the sample is only representing the bottom left portion of the slab therefore not giving you a full representation of the entire slab.

The Apollo granite is another example of how granite by the sample and square foot can be very misleading and the small savings may not alleviate the pain and disappointment from not getting the counter tops you really wanted.

If I were seeing this sample of the Apollo granite I would think I had chosen a granite with light creams, whites, beige and a small amount of blues and greys. However when you see this sample in place along actual slab of Apollo granite you can judge for yourself that this did not give you a fair representation of the entire slab.

The next illustration will show you how buying by the square foot will backfire. The whole point of selling by the square foot is to efficiently use all the material so that there the profit maximized by minimizing waste. Sounds like a win - win, right? Not for the homeowner... Take a look.


The illustrations below are examples of how to properly layout a kitchen counter top on a granite slab. All of our customers are able to layout their projects on the slabs. Custom Marble & Granite only sells by the slab or 1/2 slab to make sure all of our customers are getting their desired results.


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