How to create the RIGHT backsplash for YOUR KITCHEN!

Seek Professional Help!

Sounds like a joke, but I am not kidding.

If you visit a big box store, your choices for back splash are limited and you will be tempted to use one or two tiles types and the result will likely be very much like everyone and missing some key points that will give it special attention detail.

If you take the time to sit down with a professional designer, you may pay a little more, but you are paying for their creativity and their experience, designers are also comfortable mixing colors and textures, but isn't that the whole point?

If you were my customer, we would find out which types of tiles were in your comfort zone and build our design from there. We would take the mock up to your home, make sure they work in your space, in your lighting and just overall work in your space.

We can make a design to compliment, contrast, subdue or pop the other features in your house, all you need to do is let me know which is your goal. If you are not sure, that is ok too. We can make some mock ups and decide later.

The back splash is the last big decision in the kitchen design process, it is vertical so everyone will notice.. so in the end, I will close with my opening line.. Seek professional help!

Honed marble subway tile with hand painted design.

Classic tumbled travertine subway tile with glass and metal mixed accent tile.

Buttercream porcelain subway tile with whisper white border and diamond accent with buttons.

Quartzite and slate subway tile natural stone.


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