How to shop for granite counters

Shopping for granite can be fun and easy. You always want to buy granite by the slab and not the square foot. Why you should not buy granite by the square foot is the our next blog.- stay tuned.

You should visit your local fabricators and local wholesale warehouses to see the available slabs. When you go on your mission to find just the right granite for your project, bring your cabinet, your floor and any other parts of the project that will impact your decision. #Granite, #graniteslabs

Step 1: Determine which characteristics you prefer:

Ask yourself:

If I close my eyes, are my new counters light or dark colored?

If I close my eyes, are my new counters consistent in color and pattern or varied with a flowing movement?

This will help you get started, but don't limit yourself. Many of our clients find that they are more attracted to granite with movement than they thought they would be.

San Antonio Granite

Bianco Ornamental Granite

San Antonio Granite is very consistent in pattern and the Ornamental is consistent but slightly varied in the pattern size.

These are examples of a granite with movement. The Normandy Light has softer movement compared to the Magma Gold.

Normandy Light Granite

Magma Gold Granite

No matter which you prefer, never ever buy granite from a sample. Even a consistent stone can have a hidden secret or area that you did not expect to see. The San Luis is the perfect example; one side of the slab is more creamy yellow transitioning into a warm red with some dark veining in the middle. The first photo shows you a sample of the San Luis and the second shows you the whole slab.

A sample never represents the whole stone. Showing only a small section of the stone doesn't give you the true look and feel of how the stone will look in your home. It is never in your favor to buy stone from a fabricator or store that can not show you the exact pieces being used in your home.

Step 2: Determine which which granite works with your other selections:

Make sure all the selections work together

The best way to not have buyers remorse is to be able to bring all your selections together and make sure they work together. There is no right and wrong, but you have to like it. You have to like how the colors blend and compliment one another.

Once you have decided on the granite, be sure to put the stone on HOLD, so that you can talk to your fabricator.

Step 3: Determine which fabricator is for you:

You need a talented and educated fabricator to make the counters. Not all fabricators are created equal.

If you selected the stone in a fabricators warehouse, then most likely that fabricator will only sell you the stone if you use his facility. If you selected the stone at a wholesale warehouse, then, you will have to find a fabricator.

It is always a good idea to start with using someone local. Find someone who is rooted in the community. A local business who depends on his reputation to feed his family is usually the best first place to start. I always ask friends and neighbors who they used, how they liked the service and if they would recommend the company.

A small local business will usually be more money than a box store or a volume production shop, but the service and quality will be better than that of the aforementioned.

If a fabricator is not fabricating on site, or close by, be suspicious, the stone you are seeing or selecting is probably not the stone you are getting.

If a fabricator is not communicating well in English, chances are his team won't either, how will you communicate your wishes or concerns to the template & installation crew?

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