5 Ways to Get the Marble Trend For Less

Everywhere you look (Pinterest, Target, Instagram, HomeGoods), marble is the trendy material of choice. While marble has been a go-to since Roman era, it's back and stronger than ever.

The clean monochromatic white and black hues are broken up with delicate swirls that give off BOTH classic and modern vibes. Bringing in marble to your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to pay homage to classic design while also keeping up with the trends.

However, if you're looking to incorporate the trend without breaking the bank, check out these inexpensive options.

1. Marble Tray

Incorporate a marble tray in your living room coffee table or bedroom vanity to elevate your room's style. These instantly upgrade any surface. Just like a throw can help revive a tired or simple couch, these trays take a classic surface and make it instantly elegant.

2. Marble Bookends

Make your bookcase a little more rock solid with marble bookends. Don't these books look that much more classy with flanked by classic marble?

3. Marble Pillows

Rock solid marble meets soft fluffy pillows. This just might be the best pairing of all time.

4. Marble Accessories

Nothing says luxury spa bathroom like marble accessories. Don't limit yourself to the bathroom. Kitchen accessories like a marble cupcake tower, marble serve wear, and marble trivets will also help enhance your home.

5. Marble Table

These marble side tables are the darlings of Pinterest. We've seen some inexpensive options at Target and Homegoods.

Click below to shop the trend:

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