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Most of the marble and granite slabs we sell come from far away places such as Italy, Brazil & India, who are the world leaders for stone export.  We buy the stone directly from the quarries or through a broker stateside. 

Gallery of photos from the Henraux quarry, Carrara Italy.

Lester Swick, co-owner of Custom Marble & Granite was one of only 24 granite fabricators invited to tour Italy  in 2012.  They visited the companies that were on cutting edge of technology and innovation in our industry.

Getting the right stone for you!

Lester Swick, co-owner of Custom Marble & Granite in Carrara Italy, at the Carrara quarry selecting our stone.  FYI:The Carrara quarry was opened by Michelangelo.


The stone is quarried in big blocks and then cut into slabs.



Custom Marble & Granite co-owner, Lester Swick
Carrara quarry in Italy
Sky from inside quarry.jpg
Sky from inside quarry.jpg

The blue sky over the Henraux Carrara quarry in Italy. The photo is taken from inside the quarry.

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quarry .jpg
quarry .jpg

The side of the mountain in Italy being quarried. Custom Marble & Granite visited the quarry while visiting Italy.

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Calacatta Marble .jpg
Calacatta Marble .jpg

These are beautiful Calacatta Marble blocks. This is the beginning stage for the beautiful Calacatta countertops we have on our Calacatta page.

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Sky from inside quarry.jpg
Sky from inside quarry.jpg

The blue sky over the Henraux Carrara quarry in Italy. The photo is taken from inside the quarry.

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Once selected and processed, the stone is shipped to the US.

Hand Leathering Granite
Bridge saw cutting granite
Sea container full of granite slabs delivered to Custom Marble & Granite, Butler, PA

The sea container chock full of exotic granite slabs arrives

at Custom Marble & Granite

The crane carefully unloads one bundle of granite slabs

at a time. The container is an "open top", the safest for unloading granite, allowing the crane to take the stone from the top of the container.

Lester is on top of the container carefully manuevering across the bundles to get the granite slab bundles into the slings.

Ron carefully works with the crane operator to put the bundles of granite slabs on to the holding racks.

Bringing the stone to our shop!

Granite Slab Warehouse & Gallery

Over 60 Colors are available in our

granite & marble slab gallery

Ron setting a soapstone seam in an island counter top
Seam setting equipment to make the most discrete seams
ROn making the seams discrete
Aaron inspecting the American Soapstoen kitchen countertop
Brining the countertops into the house
Custom Marble & Granite setting an American Soapstone Islnad countertop

Ron working on making the Custom Marble & Granite infamous discrete seam

Aaron doing a final inspection on the installed American Soapstone countertop

Our seam setting equipment working on keeping the soapstone seams tight & hidden.  This adds a couple of hours to the installation but the results are well worth it!

Preparing the American Soapstone countertop for the seaming equipment.

Our team using care and safety to set this enormous  soapstone island countertop

Carefully bringing an American Soapstone island into the house.

Jason using leathering brushes to give this Magma Piece a great leathered texture.

Creating an integrated mitered sink using a bridge saw.

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