Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone panel is made to cover walls and other surfaces. Old World Stone Veneer products are grouped into general styles such as Rustic Ashlar or Ledgestone for easy reference, but it is important to remember that products in the same style group may not have identical shape, size, and texture characteristics. Since products are naturally created, each individual stone type will have its own unique characteristics.
What are the benefits of natural thin stone versus manufactured stone?

Natural thin stone veneer offers many of the same benefits of manufactured stone veneer (lightweight, easy to install, no footer required) with the added benefit of being a natural product. Because natural stone products tend to be more durable than manufactured stone products, they will generally maintain their beauty much longer than manufactured stone. While all products exposed to sunlight will fade to varying degrees over time, natural stone tends to be more resistant to fading than manufactured stone. The depth and variation of color in natural stone is often much greater than its manufactured counterpart. Additionally, natural stone maintains its color throughout the piece, making it much more resilient against cutting, chipping, and breaking.

Stoney Point Ledgestone
High Point Ledgestone Natural Stone
Fawn Grove Natural Stone Ledgestone.
Kingston Ledgestone | Natural Stone
Cortlandt Ledgestone | Natural Stone
Cedar Fort Ledgestone | Natural Stone
Dressed Ashlar Natural Stone
Rockland Homestead Rubble
Sheridan Ledgestone
Silver Bary Ledgestone Natural Stone
Timber Lake Ledgestone
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