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by: Hillary & Bob Reppermund - October 1, 2014


Hi Jean:


I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the beautiful job on the counter tops!  Please extend our thanks to all.  Now on to the "discussion" on the tile backsplash...this should be interesting between Bob and I. LOL


Have a great weekend.




By rbianchi - Jul 10, 2010

Unbeknownst to us we purchased a stone from a local stoneyard that needed special treatment. After it was cut it was obvious the edges would need a special treatment and Jean and Les researched, ordered special product and worked with it until it was absolutely perfect! I love the way it looks and would recommend them to anyone looking for perfection in their granite 
installation! Thanks again!! Gina and Frank B, Cranberry Township, PA‎


By Susan - May 18, 2010
My husband and I are thrilled with our new Granite countertops that we purchased and had installed by Custom Marble & Granite! They offer superior service, quality products and they did a great job with the installation!! We HIGHLY recommend Custom Marble & Granite!!! Thanks - Susan & Steve Z‎


I can't believe I am saying this but it was worth the wait! They are absolutely 

The edges look absolutely perfect, the seams are dead on and Les and the guys couldn't have gotten any closer to the wall (I asked to get as close as possible b/c of our uneven wall and the tile that will be going in soon).

You are an absolute pleasure to work with and we are so happy we had Custom Marble and Granite do our kitchen!

We will be in touch regarding the bathroom countertops in a little while!

Thanks for everything!

Gina and Frank, Cranberry Township



You have been wonderful to work with.  I am so glad Doug and I decided to venture out on that snowy week-end to the home show at the Sheraton.  I doubt I would have found you otherwise and I had already tried two different kitchen.  Not only did you have granite slabs that worked - you and your husband had TOO many choices of granite slabs!  I really only needed one because I don't like making 
decisions but it was nice to have options.  

With all of the decisions we had to make regarding the kitchen, the granite countertop was second biggest next to cabinets.  I really appreciate how you allowed me to come out any time with my cabinet and flooring samples to try to match and make decisions.  You moved that big light around so I could get a better look and one time when I was out there while you were gone, your husband opened 
the big overhead door for me so I could get good light.  This was really appreciated considering it was about 10 degrees! I also really appreciated your decorative input since you've been in this business and know the ins and outs!  

Thank you again and if I can ever be a reference for someone making these big decisions, please do not hesitate to call.




By Dorothy Sklack - August 30, 2014


I am very happy with my granite countertops. It is beautiful! I know today people have so many choices as to where they can purchase their granite countertops. What sets Custom Marble and Granite apart from the others is their customer service! I visited MANY places in my search for granite slabs, none compare to the service I received at Custom Marble and Granite! When you didn't have Black Galaxy, you immediately said, "No problem! I can get it for you!" When I asked other companies for Magma Gold, the answer was always, "Sorry we don't have that in stock." Your commitment to making sure a customer gets exactly what they want and NOT what you have is so important.






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