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Custom Made Soapstone and Granite Sinks


Our talented team is skilled in creating sinks from your counter top natural stone.  There are two types of sink construction, square joint and miter joint. 


A square joint sink is essentially  the more affordable choice.  The sink is made in a rectangle and the corners overlap like a box and is seperate from the counter top.  This sink can be created in an "Apron front" or "Undermount" style.










































American Soapstone Sink

American Soapstone Square Joint Undermount Sink

Black Galaxy Granite Apron Front Miter Sink

American Soapstone Farmers Apron Front Sink

American Soapstone Farmers Front Square Joint Undermount Sink

Custom Made Soapstone Sink with full height backsplash

Custom Made Soapstone Sink with Soapstone Counters

Custom Made Soapstone Sink with Soapstone Counters


A miter joint sink is cut with the sink and its connections to the counter tops using miters.  This sink is a far more complicated sink to build and will add a week or 10 days to your project.  When finished, this sink  looks like it is part of the countertop and looks seamless. 

Magma Gold Granite  Apron Front Miter Sink

Custom Made Granite Sinks

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Sink

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Sink in an outside kitchen

Magma Gold Leather Granite Sink being made

A Magma Gold Granite Miter Custom Sink in the making

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