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Custom Marble Granite Indoor Slab Gallery
Custom Marble Granite Indoor Slab Gallery
Custom Marble Granite
Custom Marble Granite

Ron Twentier

Ron has been with Custom Marble & Granite for 7 years and counting.  You can find Ron in almost every facet of Custom Marble &  Granite's business.  Ron heads most of the granite countertop installations, when he isn't out installing he works in the fab area or when the showroom is really busy, he hangs up his apron to greet customers.  Ron has been a pillar for Custom Marble & Granite's growth!

Aaron Dollman

Aaron is a versatile guy. Hired to assist Ron, in a very short time Aaron has proven himself to be a valuable member of our team.  He is cross trained from hand fabbing granite countertops to installing and everything in between.  He has learned our CNC technology and is often seen loading and operating our state of the art equipment.  Aaron will occassionally join the installation team for bigger or more complicated installations.  Aaron is always learning and leading the way to smarter and more advanced techniques.  We are currently looking for an assistant for Aaron. If know anyone, please email

Jason Moore

Jason has a long career in granite counter top creatation & installation.  He brings his extensive background to Custom Marble & Granite where he continues to hone his skills.  He works along side Ron on installations and in the shop Jason is usually "popping a shine" on our  granite counter tops.  In the summer 2014, Jason received reserve honors in a fabrication competition at a national industry event in Kalamazoo, MI.

Sam Karns

I really don't know how to start about Sam except to say meeting her is the only way to understand.

Sam joined our team in March 2014 and has made herself a vital part of our day to day operations.  We didn't even know we needed her until she came on the scene.  Sam is our laser template operator, so if you work with us, you will meet Sam in your kitchen, if you didn't meet her sooner.  Sam also programs our CNC, which means she takes all the information she collects in your kitchen and writes the computer program that controls the machines that work on the stone for your granite countertop project.  She also takes an hour with you after the template to explain and show you how your granite countertops will look when we cut them. Sam is also a presence in our showroom, she is often helping customers and creating relationships.  Like I said, this one you need to see to believe.

Kim Elliott

Lisa Snyder

Our newest team member Kim is creative and fun and loves to help our customers find just the right stone and style for their taste.  Kim's style is apparent in her beautiful selection of clothing and accessories, she uses her flair to help our clients.  Kim is a people person, she is always building new relationships with our customers.  While meeting with Kim be prepared to laugh, I am not sure what she is saying but from my office I can hear the laughter from Kim & the customers in the showroom and its big from belly laughter. Be sure to meet with Kim while planning your granite countertop project, you won't be disappointed.

I am not sure how to catogorzie Lisa, she is most importantly my friend, but has lent her many talents to Custom Marble & Granite.  I met Lisa when I inquired about Pilates and it was all in from there. Lisa own Premier Pilates in Butler and when she is not with her own clients, she is helping ours with their granite countertop and accessory decisions.


 Working as a Design and Color Consultant, Lisa comes to CMG with a long history of design background.  Educated at the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, CA and she designed for a firm in the North Hills of Pittsburgh for many years, Lisa can get the job done with confidence and flair.  Whether it's assistance with selection of granite, flooring, backsplash design or an entire kitchen remodel Lisa can help.  Lisa is available by appointment, just call the office to set up a conveinent time.


Jason Moore Polishing Granite
The Custom Marble & Granite Team
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