Why you should not buy granite or marble by the square foot.

Granite is a natural stone that is a conglomerate of different minerals that are collected together by the forces of nature, they are not systematically laid out in an even and balanced pattern or concentration. The natural stone will have a higher concentration of some minerals in one place while a sparse amount in another. This random pattern, even found within a consistent looking stone is different in EVERY slab. Even though it is our best advice to make sure the slabs you buy are consecutive in the block it does not mean they will be the same, however they will be the closest two stones can be. Back to why you should never buy granite by the square foot. Buying granite by the square f

How to create the RIGHT backsplash for YOUR KITCHEN!

Seek Professional Help! Sounds like a joke, but I am not kidding. If you visit a big box store, your choices for back splash are limited and you will be tempted to use one or two tiles types and the result will likely be very much like everyone and missing some key points that will give it special attention detail. If you take the time to sit down with a professional designer, you may pay a little more, but you are paying for their creativity and their experience, designers are also comfortable mixing colors and textures, but isn't that the whole point? If you were my customer, we would find out which types of tiles were in your comfort zone and build our design from there. We would take th

How to shop for granite counters

Shopping for granite can be fun and easy. You always want to buy granite by the slab and not the square foot. Why you should not buy granite by the square foot is the our next blog.- stay tuned. You should visit your local fabricators and local wholesale warehouses to see the available slabs. When you go on your mission to find just the right granite for your project, bring your cabinet, your floor and any other parts of the project that will impact your decision. #Granite, #graniteslabs Step 1: Determine which characteristics you prefer: Ask yourself: If I close my eyes, are my new counters light or dark colored? If I close my eyes, are my new counters consistent in color and pattern or

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