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Our story:


The story of husband and wife team, Lester Swick and Jean Marie Schneider

who are partners in the Custom Marble & Granite, the granite countertops experts,

since its opening in 2006.


Our beginnings:


Les began his career in the stone industry as a laborer more than two decades ago. 

His natural talent propelled his career from laborer to superintendent in record

time.  Les worked in the commercial side of the stone industry for 15 years before

starting his own commercial stone installation company.  Lester’s diverse experience

has taught him to set all types of stone, including marble; granite; limestone;

travertine; split face and many more. 


Les traveled around the country year after year working on commercial projects in New Jersey, California, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Connecticut and finally settled in Butler PA after completing many jobs in Pittsburgh.  


I am a native New Yorker, I spent the years after college helping start and grow small businesses while I was working in a small business development company.  After a decade of helping others grow their business I applied my talents to a family business and worked along side my Dad until not long after 9-11 devastated the economy in NYC.


In 2006, we decided to create a residential stone granite countertop fabrication company and Custom Marble & Granite was born.


Our growth:


When Custom Marble & Granite first opened its showroom doors in May 2007,

Les still had two commercial projects in Pittsburgh to finish.  Everyday Einstein,

my brilliant dog and I, would open the granite countertop showroom located

in a small 16' X 20' showroom in the old Hindman Hall.  The attached

granite countertop fabrication shop had a saw, small

hand tools and so much extra space, I would play fetch with Einstein in the

shop without fear of knocking anything over.  Lester would work all day in

Pittsburgh then come to the shop, to meet me and fabricate any granite countertops

fabrication jobs I had sold in the showroom. Sometimes he would be in the shop

until midnight fabricating the granite countertops to keep both ends of

the business going.   After about a year, Les completed both commercial jobs and

dedicated all his time and talent to growing Custom Marble & Granite.  

At this time, we went full speed ahead growing the granite countertop sales and

expanding Custom Marble & Granite.


2009: Willie, the Rottweiler joins the canine team at Custom Marble & Granite.


While still in the Hindman Hall, the extra space was disappearing as I started

bringing in  granite slabs to offer my customers.  Les was buying more modern fabrication equipment and by 2011 we outgrew our 7,000 sq ft facility and had to do something.  Our landlord had a 14,000 sq ft space available in the same complex.  It was a no brainer, we were moving!  For about 6 months, we worked on turning an old storage and moving warehouse into a state of the art granite countertops fabrication center with a beautiful showroom and expansive granite slab inventory.


2012 was an emotional year for us, my Dad, Bob, passed away suddenly.  We were in the middle of moving our business across the complex which was extremely stressful.  Les and I had our hands full. Lester was selected as one of only 24 fabricators in North America to travel to Italy to tour state of the art facilities and manufacturers.  He was exposed to the all new latest and greatest coming in the stone industry.




Les purchased a piece of state of the art equipment for us.  This machine changed the way we

did business.  We now took a leap into the digital age.  We had transformed from a small hand

craft shop to cutting edge granite countertop fabrication center. 


In August 2012, Custom Marble & Granite was selected to host an event for the international

association, Stone Fabricators Alliance.  The educational event drew granite countertop

fabricators from across the country and Canada.



In 2013, I decided to reinvent the showroom to become not only the best place to buy granite

countertops but to make Custom Marble & Granite a one stop shop for flooring, wall tile,

backsplashes, cabinets, kitchens, baths and of course counter tops.  With this expansion,

Custom Marble & Granite offered sinks, tiles, hardwood flooring and faucets.  I dedicated

some space in our showroom to only MADE IN AMERICA items.




We have created a business that is wide in its scope.  It has something for every project, big or small. 

We work with industry professionals and home owners.


For our customers who are already working with, cabinet makers, remodelers and designers,

we happily work with them as we have for years. 


For customers who don't have professionals to work with, or who don't know who to call,

we have a suggestion list.


For the customer who wants a turn key solution, our designers and consultants will be happy to take over the reins to provide you a seamless process.


Our ability to design, create and install intricate stonework provides our customers with conveniences and savings.

The Custom Marble & Granite staff are available for private consultations to help you make just the right decisions.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  We look forward to working with you.

Jean & Les

Custom Marble Granite
Custom Marble & Granite Showroom
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